After much analysis and debate Wheelscape selected as our preferred supplier to design and build the skatepark.


A number of companies invited to tender to design and build a skatepark for Bourne.


752 young people completed survey of local schools with over 80% saying they would like a skatepark in Bourne. Over 70% said they would help with running of the skatepark once it is built. This is really valuable information which we can use to support the planning application.


We have just let a contract to Acoustic Associates to assess the likely noise the proposed skatepark would make. This was the main issue raised by the feedback from the Pre-planning application. 




Raising awareness of plans for the skate park. Articles in the press, flyers distributed, posters, presentation to the Bourne Town Council Amenities Committee.


Pre planning advice received from South Kesteven District Council. Responses mostly positive, main issues relate to noise and proximity to houses.


Finalised plans for skatepark based on the ideas from young people who would like to have a skatepark in Bourne.

Website created, dimensionskatepark.org.uk.


Bourne United Charities have offered a possible site for a skatepark on Abbey Lawn in Bourne.

Facebook site created.