Welcome to the website for the Bourne Skatepark project. Here we hope to provide all the information you need to see what’s going on with the idea.

Amazing news! The project not only has a design and a place to build it, but also planning permission to do so.

Fundraising to cover the build cost is the main concern for the project now. A donation page has been set up for this purpose. Please follow the link below to the BT MyDonate page if you would like to support the project.

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We have launched on lottery SK. Please follow the link below to help raise funds for the Skatepark and other local causes by buying a lottery ticket. Thank you.


We are now registered as a charity with easyfundraising. This is a really easy way to raise funds as you shop online without even knowing it.

All you have to do is register with easyfundraising, select Dimension Skatepark as your nominated charity and then carry on shopping as normal.

You just have to make sure you go to your retailer via the easyfundraising website or App. Lots of retailers are registered from holiday bookings to sports equipment, even for your online groceries. Please give it a try and follow the link below. Thank you.



For many reasons Bourne should have a skatepark. For some time now this project has been ticking over. About eight years ago it ground to halt since it proved impossible to find a suitable site within Bourne. Then the efforts were revived when land belonging to Bourne United Charities was offered for use at the beginning of 2012. The proposed location is on the Abbey Lawn recreation site on an area of grassland to the east of the main football pitch (see pictures).



The most significant activity over the last six months has been to nominate a supplier to design and build the skatepark and set up a user group to develop the design specifically for Bourne. The chosen supplier is Wheelscape. The process to nominate the supplier involved inviting 3 possible suppliers to meet the group and make a presentation about their potential design and capabilities. Each supplier was rated and with agreement at the meeting Wheelscape were chosen.


There has now been a user group set up to help with defining the design to be used for the planning application. When the plan application is submitted this will allow everyone to see what they are getting.


Further work will be required on noise generated as a result of the use of the park and several features can be included to limit the amount of noise.


Details of the use of the site at Abbey lawns have been worked on with Bourne United Charities. A site survey of the ground and the trees at the location is required to confirm that the site is suitable.


Several new members have got involved, maybe you should?


Additional funding will soon be required to maintain the current level of preparation activities and obviously following a successful planning application, full financing of the project with grants and fund raising, will enable the park to be built.


Work is still required to create a Charitable Incorporated Organisation as the projects definition needed to be amended to allow this to be completed.


Publicity for the project has been maintained with several articles in the local press and at local events.

The project is now called Dimension Skatepark. The project committee consists of entirely volunteers, and is a mix of local government officials, interested parents and enthusiastic youngsters. There is always room for more volunteers, so if you would like to add your name to the list please get in touch. We need someone to take notes of meetings, help with publicity and funding.


If you want to comments etc. visit our Facebook page.